Builders List

POSSUM Builders List Policy

The initial POSSUM Builders List (see below) was implemented, after an open consultation period, on 5 November 2018.

Spirit: this policy is intended to provide recognition to POSSUM members that have contributed fundamental capability to the survey effort but would otherwise not receive much payback in scientific "currency", namely authorship on papers. The aim is to fill that gap, while maintaining the scientific integrity of authorship on POSSUM papers.

See Publications for the definition of a POSSUM publication.

This policy is based on previous experience with facilities such as MWA and LOFAR.

POSSUM has a builder’s list, with the following elements.

  • The email exploder for the POSSUM Builders List is
  • Authorship through the builders list will be based on an opt-in policy. Opting in requires that you have read the paper, agree to its contents, and agree to its submission for publication (see the POSSUM Publication Policy).
  • The builders list is not required for non-refereed output such as conference proceedings or posters. It is required for refereed output via journal articles.
  • The membership and policies surrounding the builder’s list will be re-evaluated (and possibly terminated) once per year. The clock starts when the first POSSUM paper is proposed (see the POSSUM Publication Policy).
  • The initial Builders List membership was developed based on these specific criteria:
    • Architects and core developers of the POSSUM pipeline
    • Current and past PIs
    • POSSUM representatives in ACES
    • Authors of 4 or more POSSUM Reports
    • Anyone else whom the PIs agree unanimously has made an essential contribution
  • The membership of the builders list will be curated by the POSSUM PIs. Working group leaders can propose new builders list members to the PIs for consideration.
  • Members of the builders list need not be current members of POSSUM.
  • Builders list members must be contactable by email. Builders for whom the POSSUM PIs do not have an active email address are subject to removal from the list.
  • Conflicts will be resolved by the POSSUM PIs.

Builders List members (current as of 5 November 2018)

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