Data Access

POSSUM Data Access Policy

The POSSUM data access policy has been adapted from the MWA data access policy.

  • The ASKAP User Policy or any other requirements on ASKAP data access imposed by CSIRO have precedence over conditions imposed by the POSSUM Data Access Policy.
  • Level 6 data (as defined by the figure below) will be released to the public once they have passed quality control, with no other proprietary period.
  • POSSUM Data are defined as the output of level 7 processing by the POSSUM team.
  • As per the POSSUM Membership Policy, POSSUM Members have access to all POSSUM Data, as well as all other relevant tools, software pipelines, documentation and data sets resulting from POSSUM. POSSUM Members can propose science projects, student projects and publications using these resources.
  • The proprietary period for POSSUM Data will be 12 months from the date on which level 7 data are processed and produced. At a point no later than the end of the proprietary period, POSSUM Data will be released to the wider astronomical community.
  • Other data products outside the scope of POSSUM Data will be provided to the wider astronomical community on a best-effort basis. Transport and processing of such products beyond the last point of deposition will be the responsibility of an individual researcher or relevant science collaboration.
  • In the event of a dispute over data access, the decision of the POSSUM PIs will be final.

Classification of ASKAP Data Products, taken from ASKAP Science Processing document v2.0