Busy Week VII

Busy Week VII

16-20 December 2019

This busy week is being jointly organised with EMU.

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Topic: EMU/POSSUM Busy Week - Dec 16-20 Time: 8:30AM - 6:00PM (GMT-7 Mountain Time)

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Structured discussions will be held at 9:00am and 4:30pm (MST = UT-7h) each day except Friday, when we will only have the 9:00am discussion.

The updated program (v2.1) is available here: POSSUM_EMU_BW-VII_agenda_v2-1.pdf

The presentation schedule for Wednesday (Science Day) is available here (v2): POSSUM_EMU_science_day_program-v2.pdf


  • Monday overview presentations:
  • Wednesday science presentations:
    • Extended radio galaxies with POSSUM (Emma Alexander):
    • Science in the SN1006 field (Jennifer West): sn1006-science.pdf
    • QUOCKA and QUOLL (George Heald): 20191218_busyweek_quocka.pdf
    • Galactic EMU: The SCORPIO Project (Francesco Cavallaro): EMU_POSSUM_Cavallaro.pdf
    • Faraday rotation in the Fornax cluster (Craig Anderson):
    • The Evolutionary History of the Giant Radio Galaxy ESO422-G028 (Chris Riseley; NRAO Lunch Talk):
    • The IDIA processMeerKAT pipeline: Fast CASA processing on a HPC cluster (Jordan Collier; NRAO Lunch Talk): JCollier_IDIA_pipeline.pdf
    • Radio halos detected by ASKAP in two high-mass SPT clusters (Amanda Wilber):
    • Some proposed pulsar projects with POSSUM (Charlotte Sobey): POSSUM_Sobey.pdf
    • Circular pol work identifying radio stars, and plans for extending that work within POSSUM (Josh Pritchard):
    • Synchrotron radio haloes and disk emission of nearby star-forming galaxies in the EMU Pilot Survey (Anna Kapinska):
    • Synchrotron emission and polarisation from galaxy pairs (Bryan Gaensler): 20191218_possum_busyweek_socrro_galaxy_pairs.pdf
    • Rings and ORCs in the EMU Pilot Survey (Ray Norris): ORC_December2019.pdf
    • The Hunt for Red October Extreme RMs (Cameron Van Eck): POSSUM_Extreme_RMs.pdf
    • GPS/CSS sources and IFRSs (Jordan Collier): Collier_IFRSs.pdf
    • Diffuse POSSUM (Xiaohui Sun): possum_diffuse_191218.pdf



As announced before, the busy week will take place at the DSOC in Socorro, New Mexico:
Remote participation will be available.


There are plenty of hotels near the DSOC in Socorro, particularly along California Street. Two that are recommended are:
Holiday Inn Express +1-575-838-4600
Socorro Hotel and Suites (Best Western) +1-575-838-0556
There is also the NRAO Guesthouse, which is explained on the DSOC webpage linked above.


It is easiest to fly into Albuquerque and travel to Socorro by car (approximately 1 hour drive along a major highway).
To reduce the number of cars making the journey, we will attempt to put attendees in contact with each other so that they can self-organise carpooling. Stay tuned for this, and please send me a message if you wish to be included in that process.


If you have not yet expressed interest in attending in person or remotely, but would like to do so, please register: