Sydney Possum Workshop 2012

POSSUM Workshop 2012

ATNF Headquarters, Sydney, Australia
May 8th and 9th 2012

Format Change
Workshop Dinner

Format Change

The format of the 2012 POSSUM workshop has changed from a full week to a three day meeting: a one-day science workshop followed by a technical POSSUM workshop (see below). Please update your calendars accordingly.


The 2012 Sydney Possum Workshop will be held in at the ATNF headquarters in Sydney on Tuesday May 8th and Wednesday May 9th. It follows directly from a One-day Magnetic Fields Workshop, which is open to the larger community. The focus of the Magnetic Field Workshop is purely on science (not necessarally related to POSSUM) while the POSSUM workshop will concentrate on the technical aspects of ASKAP and POSSUM:

  • Updates on BETA, ASKAP, other ASKAP surveys and other relevant surveys.
  • Data processing pipelines and quality control.
  • Polarisation calibration.
  • Data verification.
  • Analysis tools and pipelines for early science.
  • Key science questions (WG9).
  • Other working group meetings.
  • Overview from PIs: structure, management, publication policy, etc.

Attendees are encouraged to stay for the full week as there will be plenty of opportunity to work closely with other POSSUM members on the Thursday and Friday.


Participants can attend the workshop in person or phone in via a video-conferencing link.

Bryan GaenslerThe University of Sydney
Xiaohui SunThe University of Sydney
Cormac PurcellThe University of Sydney
Jeroen StillThe University of Calgary
Ray NorrisCSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
Naomi McClure-GriffithsCSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
Takuya AkahoriKorea Astronomy & Space Science Institute
Russ TaylorThe University of Calgary
Craig AndersonThe University of Sydney
Tony WillisNational Research Council of Canada
Larry RudnickUniversity of Minnesota
Roland KothesNational Research Council of Canada
Shane O'SullivanCSIRO Astronomy and Space Science


The meeting will be organised into the following sessions:

  • BETA, ASKAP-12 & commissioning (Ettore Carretti, Wed afternoon - from Parkes; Cormac Purcell)
  • RM synthesis & RMCLEAN (Xiaohui Sun)
  • Software pipeline (Cormac Purcell)
  • Source finding (Jeroen Stil)
  • Coordination with EMU (redshifts, ASKAP-12 survey, key POSSUM questions/simulations) (Bryan Gaensler) [longer session?]
  • PPC, PPA, and value-added products (Larry Rudnick - TBC)
  • Wide-field issues (beam shapes, polarisation, etc.) (Tony Willis)
  • Ionospheric tests (Shane O'Sullivan, plus possibly Tom Landecker)
  • Coordination with other related surveys (S-PASS, GMIMS, GALFACTS) (Russ Taylor)

It will be possible for participants to present a talk via a video-conferencing link. If you plan to do this please provide a PDF-format version of your talk and contact the organisers well in advance to arrange the technical details of the link.

The final program

Tuesday May 8th

Bryan's Day 1 Notes (pdf)

Session 1: Introductions (Convener: Bryan Gaensler)

Update on ASKAP Aidan Hotan
ASKAPSOFT & Computing Tim Cornwell
10:50 – 11:10 Morning Tea

Session 2: The Software Pipeline (Convener: Cormac Purcell)

Overview of the Software Pipeline Cormac Purcell
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

Session 3: Coordination with EMU / ASKAP & EMU (Convener: Ray Norris)

EMU Overview Ray Norris/ Andrew Hopkins / Nick Seymour
Quality Control Larry Rudnick / Lisa Harvey-Smith
15:00 – 15:30 Afternoon Tea

Session 4: RM Synthesis and RM-Clean (Convener: Xiaohui Sun)

Misadventures in RM-synthesis-land Larry Rudnick
Sparse RM synthesis Jeroen Stil
Wavelet RM synthesis and depolarisation effects Rainer Beck
RM synthesis results from BETA test fields Craig Anderson

Wednesday May 9th

Bryan's Day 2 Notes (pdf)

Session 1: Ionosphere (Convener: Shane O'Sullivan)

Modelling the Ionosphere for ASKAP Tom Landecker
GPS at MRO John Reynolds
10:30 – 11:00 Morning Tea

Session 2: Source Finding (Convener: Jeroen Stil)

Source Finding Overview Matthew Whiting

Session 3: Catalogues & value-added data products (Convener: Larry Rudnick)

Catalogues and value-added data products Larry Rudnick
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

Session 4: Wide-field issues (Convener: Tony Willis)

Wide-field issues Tony Willis
15:30 – 16:00 Afternoon Tea

Session 5: BETA, ASKAP-12 and Commissioning (Convener: Ettore Carretti)

BETA and ASKAP-12 Science Bryan Gaensler
Commissioning strategy, BETA and AKAP-12 configurations Tim Shimwell


The venu for the meeting is the CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility headquarters in Marsfield, Sydney. The workshop will take place in Faraday room. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided.
Information on how to get to the Marsfield Site is available from this website.

The dial-in details are,

Tues8 May+61 2 62766622ID: 2125
Wed9 May+61 2 62766622ID: 6684
Thur10 May+61 2 62766622ID: 5015
Fri11 May+61 2 62766622ID: 6909


The Marsfield Lodge is on the ATNF site and has six single and two twin bedrooms. Some of these have been reserved for conference attendees and are recommended for students or those on a strict budget. Note: As of April 5th there are only two rooms left at the lodge. The preferred accommodation of the ATNF is the North Ryde Travellodge, which is 20 minutes walk from the meeting venue (see the Google map here). A block reservation of 10 rooms has been made, so when booking a room please advise the Travellodge staff that you attending a meeting at the ATNF - quote 'CSIRO MAY'. The rates on offer are as follows:
$147.00 per room per night
$162.00 per room per night including breakfast for 1
$177.00 per room per night including breakfast for 2

Note: The rooms must be booked by April 23rd to get the special rate.

Parking costs $7.50 per car per night.

Internet is: $9.95 per hour
$19.95 for 24 hours
$49.95 for 3 days
$99.00 for 7 days

A guide to other accommodation near the ATNF headquarters is listed here.
For your information, there is a web-page giving information on visiting the University of Sydney here.

Workshop Dinner

A formal workshop dinner will be held on Wednesday May 9th at AJ's Indian Restaraunt. The meal will cost $33.50 per person. If you are planning on attending could you let Jo Daniels and Cormac Purcell know when registering, including vegetarian preferences.

Travel funding

Limited funding is available to support overseas visitors. Please contact Bryan Gaensler directly for more information.


To register for the workshop please copy the text below, fill in the required information and email to Jo Daniels ( and Cormac Purcell (

The registration deadline is Monday April 23rd.

Given name:
Last name:
Street Address:
Province / State / Region:
Postal / Zip code:
Topic of contribution:
Arrival details (date/time):
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Workshop dinner (yes/no):
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Where possible please include your flight number and carrier name.